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Welcome to BAYLO

The Bellingham Area Youth Lacrosse Organization strives to provide an environment that supports and practices positive coaching philosophies so that all players and families have a rewarding experience.  All BAYLO coaches are volunteers, focusing on player skills and game fundamentals. They work diligently during the season, and the off-season, to develop each athlete to the best of their potential.  They are all encouraged to gain certification through the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse coaching certification program.  MBYLL is a non-competitive League, with no standings and no playoffs. We strive to ensure that ALL players get the guidance necessary to play the sport at a high level while maintaining the integrity of MBYLL and its guidelines.


Greeting BAYLO Families,

Our Annual Board Election is scheduled for October 18th, 2017 from 7pm to 9pm at Rock 'N Coal in Bellingham, MA
We welcome anyone and all who are interested in serving on our Board:
Positions include - President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Equipment Coordination, 2 Town Program Administrators, Player Development, Communications Director, Town Officials Administrator.  Girl's Lacrosse Administrator.
As well, if you are interested or know someone who might be interested in coaching, we are constantly looking for them.
We are especially trying to recruit coaches for our Girls Program.
Other items of note:  
1) This year, Boys' registration will be different.  Players will need to register through our website and will be directed to MBYLL for registering with them (replaces US Lacrosse membership in previous years).
2)We are introducing new uniforms for this Spring for the Boy's Program.  All Boys and only new Girls will be responsible for purchasing the uniforms that they keep.
3) Due to the Turf Fees, we will, unfortunately, be adjusting our registration fees for the upcoming year. 
We understand that lacrosse is a costly sport (due primarily to the equipment needed) and while adding the burden of increase in fees and purchase of uniforms might seem substantial, we have tried to keep our fees as low as possible for our BAYLO families. 
Comparatively to our neighboring towns' programs, BAYLO's fees are the lowest in our area.
As well, we as an organization decided from the onset that we would not ask teams, players or parents to fund raise.  Fundraising places an additional burden to our players and families.  We do solicit local companies to sponsor our organization (any and all Bellingham Youth Sports also seek these) to assist with keeping our fees low.
Thank you from,
Bellingham Area Youth Lacrosse Organization


by posted 10/11/2017
Honoring The Game

Parents should feel like they play an integral role in helping their youth sport organization uphold a standard of positivity and respect. At Positive Coaching Alliance, we call this behavior Honoring the Game. Coaches, parents, administrators and athletes all have a part in ensuring a level of respect and sportsmanship is upheld. Kids learn from watching others behave, and parents can influence how their children Honor the Game by making sure to do so themselves before, during and after the game.

Before the game, parents can encourage their children to do their best, and remind them that they will be proud regardless of the scoreboard results. This will likely take some pressure off the kids, who can focus on doing their best and having fun.

During the game parents should remember to let the coaches coach, and instead of yelling instruction from the sidelines, spend time encouraging and supporting all players. This extends to letting officials do their job and not reacting to any calls. It is part of the coach’s job description to interact with the officials and referees, not the parents'.

After the game, parents play the biggest role in helping young athletes connect their play with the bigger- picture learning of life lessons and character development. Remember to give truthful and specific praise, and continue to express pride in their efforts.


by posted 04/29/2015

Good afternoon,
We have been contacted by the Bellingham Police regarding parking at the high school field during our games.  The police came out on Sunday and observed several cars parked along the fence side of the parking lot.
There are NO PARKING signs posted all along the fence.  The BPD have stated that they will be back out on Sunday to ticket violators.
If the parking lot by the Athletic Field is full, please use the Middle School or the High School Parking Lots.
Again, the Bellingham Police will ticket violators for this infraction.
Thank you for your cooperation

posted 04/16/2015
Great Weekend!

Faceoff Kickoff

by posted 04/13/2015
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